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Meet Our New Worship Director!

Dear Ones,

I'm delighted to share God’s provision of Allie Olmstead as the new music director of Nature Coast Church. Allie hails from Grand Rapids Michigan and has spent the last couple of years working at a church in Cincinnati (I’m thinking a little Bengal’s fever has made its’ way to her soul :-) ). Right now the plan is for Allie to arrive to the Nature Coast some time in August. 

Allie has attended Wheaton College in Illinois and is finishing up her degree in theological studies this summer from Moody Bible Institute. Allie has felt the call of God on her life from her early years. It is evident that Christ has gifted her musically and it is her desire to use this musical gift and all of her gifts to shepherd the Church of Christ. I believe we are getting more than a musician, but an individual whose identity and calling rest in the finished work of her Savior, Jesus Christ. 

My desire from the onset of the search of this position was not ‘better’ music, but a fuller and deeper expression of worship rooted in the reality that Jesus + Nothing = Everything. I believe Allie’s passion for Christ and His Church will bring a deep expression of the presence and beauty of Jesus in our worship services. 

So Nature Coast welcomes Allie! We long for Nature Coast to be a home where your soul is nourished and strengthened, but we also believe God has brought you to us knowing that by Christ’s Spirit you will nourish and strengthen us deeper in the love of Christ. We will be praying as Allie makes this transition to a new state and a new call. Life will be changing and busy all that same time. 

Christ has been faithful to Nature Coast through the years. Fitting with yesterdays message: Jesus is the King of Glory! He is strong and mighty for Nature Coast. We lean into his love, strength, power and peace as we begin this new part of our journey. We are excited for the future Christ has for us, because it is His story and He is the perfect story writer! 

Love you all,

~ Brad 


Dear Ones,

God loves music! The ‘Director of Music’ is estimated to be at the head of 55 of the Psalms of Scripture. The King James version translates the Hebrew term to “the Chief Musician”—a term applied to the head of the temple music. The book of Psalms tells us that God loves music! God gave music to his people as one way to worship Him. St. Paul tells us to encourage one another in Psalm, and the book of Revelation is full of songs and singing.

The history of Nature Coast has been full of the amazing provision of God. In our most recent years, we have built a facility and absorbed those payments into operations. We currently pay an extra $250 every month to pay down principal—and now (in less than 4 years) we pay more in principal each month than we do interest! We have Chuck Holliday as an Assistant Pastor, Amy Rise as our Ministry Coordinator, and we are now seeking God’s provision in the addition of a Music Director to our staff.

Every time change comes to Nature Coast, my heart goes to an anxious place. Whatever change we may be seeking (a new building, an additional pastor, a coordinator) I worry it will stand in the way of our vision that Jesus + Nothing = Everything. Yet, each time, not only has it not stood in the way of the very pursuit of these things, it has pushed Nature Coast deeper into a posture where all we have is Jesus. We have nothing else.

We look forward to our future Music Director driving home the beauty of Jesus deeper into our worship services—reminding us in song, confession, assurance, prayer, giving, and thankfulness that Jesus is all we have. Jesus is all we need!

As part of the pursuit of this position at Nature Coast, we are having a capital campaign that will remind your pastor that Jesus + Nothing = Everything! God has provided in the past. We look forward to His provision in the future. We are seeking to raise a total of $100,000 for this campaign: two years of salary for a Music Director, plus some additional dollars for our upcoming pavilion project, which should be started by the end of 2018. We are going to be promoting this campaign in the month of July. We’d love for you to prayerfully consider how you may be able to financially help. Jimmy Bain, our finance coordinator, informed me that we have over 50 regular monthly giving units at Nature Coast. That averages out to around a $100 increase per month, per unit. We know that is certainly not an attainable number for all. Some contribute less, some more, some one time. We will continue to update and give details as July moves forward. Pledge slips will be available on the black table in the narthex and can be placed in the Prayer Box once filled out.

We are excited for the future God has for us,
because it is His story and He is the perfect story writer!

Love you all,
~ Brad


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