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Director of Student Ministries  

Position Description  

The Director of Student Ministries is a part-time position that exists to proclaim the Good News to students through several different mediums with the goal for students to confidently proclaim that Jesus loves them and He is their Savior. This position provides regular activities for students 6th-12th grade, faith formation opportunities for students to grow in grace and the knowledge of Christ, coordinates and develops volunteers. This position exists in order to help NCC achieve it’s Core Values and Mission.  

Essential Duties and Responsibilities  

You will; 

  • Disciple students into a personal relationship with God in both large group, small group, and individual environments

  • Challenge the youth to respond to God’s call to serve in their communities, church and the world

  •  Integrate students into the life of Nature Coast Church Sunday worship

  • Pursue relationships with parents, grandparents, and guardians. Parents, grandparents, guardians love those who love their children.

  •  Align student ministries with Nature Coast’s Core Values

  • Manage the design, programming, and communications for ASM

  • For ASM events: Maintain volunteer schedule, provide food, coordinatemusic, games, creating the message, sign-in, announcements, etc.

  •  Build a team of passionate adult volunteers and assist in their training

  • Be a liaison between church and other community organizations, people, and resources that relate to the Student Ministry

  • Plan and carry out monthly events (fundraiser, fun, service,etc.).

  •  Plan a large summer service event

  • Be available to encourage, challenge, and counsel students towards living their lives as followers of Christ (individual encounters)  

  •  Communicate with youth and parents in a timely manner and as effectively as possible using all available resources (email, website, slides, facebook, texting, etc.).

  •   Oversight of ASM budget

  • Network with other student ministry leaders in the community

  • Meet with the elders to implement the vision and goals.

  •  Attend and participate in staff and deacons meetings and attend Nature Coast Worship services.  

Desired Qualifications  

  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university or equivalent ministry experience  

Core Competencies  

  • Christian maturity. Exhibits a strong moral character. Dedicates time to worship, prayer, and Christian service. Passion for worship and the local church. Passion for Christ His Finished work and His glory.
  • Compassion. Demonstrates genuine care for other people by sympathizing with their sufferings and rejoicing with them in their successes. Offers to help others. Is polite and considerate to people of all ages.
  • Collaboration. Seeks input from the staff, ministry teams, and congregational members regarding children’s ministries. Accepts feedback and direction from the Deacon team and elders. Partners with other staff members and ministry teams to develop events and programs that foster inter-generational fellowship and better cooperation and communication throughout the congregation. 

This Job Is Ideal for Someone Who Is:

  •  People-oriented — enjoys interacting with people and working on group projects
  • Adaptable/flexible — enjoys doing work that requires frequent shifts in direction
  • Dependable — more reliable than spontaneous  


  • 20 hours weekly Weekdays and Weekends required
  • Salary: $16-18 hourly

Please e-mail cover letter and resume to

****** Nature Coast Church is an equal opportunity employer******