With 2 service times 9am & 11am, presents a great opportunity for our congregation! What are ways God is calling you to serve? With a growing church body,  we need more volunteers to meet the basic needs of the church, and keep the various programs running. We have been blessed with a dedicated core group of volunteers who have served in these roles, but we are praying that we can expand this group, and lighten the load for those who have been serving. We need your help! Would you prayerfully consider volunteering in one of the following areas? If you have questions about what it would look like to commit to one of these positions, please feel free to email the church office!

  • Nursery: Volunteering on Sunday mornings (newborn - age 4 or 5)
  • Children’s Church: Teaching on Sunday mornings (age 4 or 5 - 4th grade)
  • Anchor Youth: Teaching on Sunday mornings (grades 5-12)
  • Hospitality: Preparing coffee for Sunday services
  • Cleaning Team: Cleaning the church with a team (usually on Saturdays)
  • Welcome Team: Greeting in the narthex or sanctuary before the Sunday services

For any of these roles, it is up to you how often you choose to volunteer.

Twice a month, once a month, or even every other month would be a huge blessing. Thank you Nature Coast!